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About PromaSoft

We-employees and management- strongly believe in honouring both our internal and external commitments. Our proactive value based ethics approach may be viewed in contrast to more reactive "compliance-based" ethics, which takes a legalistic approach to doing the right thing. Our approach results in a culture that expresses positive values and creates a climate that supports ethical and legal decision-making. We believe our first responsibility is to our customers. To meet their needs, our services must be of the highest quality and of reasonable price. We are also responsible to our employees, We encourage and support their empowerment.
Last but not least, we are responsible to our shareholders. We make investments in facilities, infrastructure, employees, and intellectual property to ensure that both shareholders and employees get a fair return on their investment in the long term.
We believe that our strength lies in our people and these people are our assets and they ensure our success. Our business environment is dynamic, typified by a high degree of competition and rapid technological advances. Success in this situation demands that we continuously challenge ourselves to higher levels of individual and collective performance. We therefore provide a positive and supportive environment that incorporates the following features:

# Rigorous recruitment processes to ensure we always have the right talent for project delivery.
# Strong programs for professional development at both individual and Organizational levels.
# Company-wide skills assessment and skills enhancement.
# Empowering individuals to participate in decision processes affecting their work.
# Emphasis on continuous improvement in all areas of planning, execution, and delivery
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